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Music Downloads


All songs written by James Avena except for "Too Rolling Stoned" which was originally recorded by Robin Trower, Sin City Originally recorded by AC/DC and "Feed The Kitty" written by Bruce Gilsenan and performed by JJ Hawg.



Wha'do I gotta do.mp3

Real Good Lover.mp3

Alone Again.mp3

I Ain't Been Good.mp3

Feed The Kitty.mp3

Southern Comfort.mp3

Hard To Let You Go.mp3

Don't Let Go.mp3

I Love You So.mp3

Doin' Me Wrong.mp3

Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore.mp3

Goodbye Love.mp3

She's Hot (Recorded Live).mp3

Too Rolling Stoned (Recorded Live) Cover.mp3

Sin City.mp3